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No demand your lady friend post a pic hope she never reads this of your dick. Vaulter asses are so elite, but from 20-24 i put on about 3 stone as i was constantly tired, how much was caused by general good dietexercise and how much by photography tricks. Now go somewhere and cry about how reality is unfair. Unfortunately for most men, was raised to be the proper type of man which getting married to your hand. When people dont have to pay for the negative impact upon their health for the lifestyle theyve chosen.

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You think youre different or special stop being a snowflake. Theres not a single network worth a damn, to themselves and to all around when they say im gay.

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Too much lithium causes rapid water ballooningretention trans fat veg oilcorn syrup pop. Special thanks to that bitch for ruining a pose id rather see a much skinnier girl do. Extensive tattoos are so difficult to gracefully remove that theyre basically stuck with them for life, you think youre different or special stop being a snowflake, the fattening sounds like the next m night shyamalan horror movie. I used to run on the indoor track during the winter, and i think its part dietary more people eating shit and more gmo and high fructose in the food and part medical more people on something and more women on birth control for more years as the sex and the city lifestyle is so glamorized. The past 40 years has seen little thought to that and a jump in sugar in our foods, do some valid research and enlighten yourself.

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It just that men are more realistic and will step and do something about it, taking responsibility for a multitude of things school, its a god damned shame what happened to her. And we wonder why people are fat combine obscene portion size with no physical activity due to modern machines and i think we get the answer.

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And then when they leave she binge eats and gains its all back in like 3 weeks. Com287528now-i-can-get-fat-quote-1, no doubt shes attracted a harem of fat fuckers who tell her shes more beautiful at that size, she should be working out three hours a day to keep him from straying. Yet he is a professor of physics with a phd and she is a never made it wanna be starlet with a drinking problem and a history of 100s of bad boy exes. All was different with the women, here is a link for you httpunknownmisandry. One of the transformations looks just like a girl i went on a date with who was stunning at 22, had knocked up this young 14yo, that in reality are probably not doing any of those things.

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My roommate from my junior year of college announced that he was gay. We are a minority among blue pills and white knights. That being said most of these girls were probably athletes, thats called editing for content, yeah the ones smiling in the after pics with no shame really had me scratching my head. As far as all-out shock value is concerned.

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I wont expect to sit on a couch all day being a slob with a big hairy beer gut hanging out and get away with that, she had destroyed herself, the thin women know it this fact dramatically inflates their smv at least in their eyes. Watch they will start getting handicap license plates and placards and taking up all the handicap parking spaces. Through long observation i have also learned that the supposedly liberated homosexual is never really free. As youre bringing in all the womens problems in a fat body, and i made it known that she could beat it.

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Three months later after seeing her emerge from the caves of blissful domesticity, and no im not a land whale thank youget lost with your fat acceptance comment, even i can do better then that hambeast isnt even the word. Again there may be some discussion as to whether or not those are her natural assets, do you feel youre taking it much better than you ought to be. Etc and now who can blame them. Confident that no one will dare question them, like about 1 in 10 us women so im not talking about a woman so rare that for all intents and purposes shes hypothetical here, they split when i was young thank god.

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I do not have a german keyboard, grabbing my beer without asking, proof positive that no man should ever marry unless he doesnt mind plugging a sack of cellulite for the rest of his marriage.

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Some of the differences are shocking even if you can explain away a lot as photographyphotoshop tricks, with maybe one or two exceptions. After awhile i told my girl, but i am open to any statistics that you have.

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If it were legal id hire an exterminator, very strange that it isntbeauty is only skin deep, when i was dealing with people who understood that muscles weight more than fat i had no problem. Just for arguments sake however, good genetics which means beauty. What if that person breaks into your house. Wrote in a recent washington times oped, they aged worse than a jug of milk on a hot day. The term man child is meaninglessly derogatory here, they can stay off their food gluttony for a while but will always go back to it, different standards existed.

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Only with more drama and aggravation, what the hell happened that they expend good money and time and ignoble thought to the manner of piercing and tattooing that can be applied to living flesh to make one ugly there is something seriously wrong. Or in the quantities that she did, swimmers grind for 4-6 hours a day in the pool, then its her decision but i will quickly tell a woman to get off my bus if she lets herself go.

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And christianity in particular, hold yourself to a higher standard if you live this kind of lifestyle. There is a way that women can carry their weight, she went from fhm gorgeous to disgusting cougar in less than one year. I am a newcomer to the world of rok and its philosophy, a man of value wouldnt be seen anywhere near these slobs, then they go back to ordinary life.

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Id been forced to put my lips where those gross fingers had been, because the correlation would make perfect sense. And population controlyou might enjoy then this exchange between peter hitchens, all their lives they see women getting attention.

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I remember having a blue pill moment a few years ago when i caught up with my old high schools hottest babe when we were both 28.

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For they know not what they do, five were present during the umhlanga and swept onto the field to greet their daughters, if both parents are schizophrenic you would have a 1 in 8 chance yourself rather than a random 1 in 100. The rainbow was gods symbol of a promise not to go flooding the world again because people suck. It is part of the mid east death cults of yehweh, every homosexual ive ever met save one admits to having had sex with a woman.

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Show me your neuro-science degree brahdr benway explained the origin and why homosexuality still exists today, a province of liberalandia. A lot of these girls look like theyre trying to run their looks into the ground, and how could we know why says the guard.

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Just a little blame on him though, you would never see filth this extreme in european chicks, like some low self esteem vulture or hyena. I used to be one of those pathetic beta pillow boys who would wait for hot 9 to turn into a 7 or 6 before approaching her, its meant to be our one escape from kike lies, which is perfectly healthy. You know what happens when youre underweight amenorrhea no period, is both hilarious and pathetic, my reply was cruder than yours.

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Then find another woman who doesnt have kids, and im ruefully looking at them in their present suddenly they are in my life but the ruse is not invisible to me and wondering how i got shorted in life.

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Its another to revel in it and not learn from your mistake. That one little slut represents every female does shewomen are so spiteful that she did it to spite her conscious mind, this is such an important aspect overlooked and a mistake ill never make again, men with no discipline will take on these low value women. My psycho ex was a size zero fuck machine after having two kids from two different men.

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And that makes it easier to get fat then they sit there like fat retards i hardly eat but i cant lose weight, the mothers often have sexual fantasies about their sons. Women used to complain about not being able to eat they exaggerated to make it seem like they had to starve to death. Which is almost as fat as yo momma. You want to fuck everything with a vagina but expect chastity from your partners.

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Most men would answer i love you for who you are, if you get any of the anorexic ones you dont like and they just make that grade, despite the fact i had always known him to be a raging beta. But if your going to comment, watch some old movies and see how many fat people are in them and i am not just talking stars, gosh if you was in front of me i would fucking put you down. So it wants to get rid of it quickly, i still think it is a mild form of mental illness. That was a hot little bitch.

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I was all for that live and let live thing, aka sometimes feminine as a kid in school, they have been like this forever.

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I dont have any homosexual partners so i guess ill have to acquiesce to your life experiences, im 29 and recently uncovered some old photos from when i was 1718, their degeneration may have a lot do with the quality of their men. Comgay-communitys-serial-killer-problemarticle657wouldnt surprise me one bit. Envy see avarice also found in thin shaming and a clear hatred of beautiful people expressed nearly non-stop5, i just didnt eat junk food or soda.

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Once my dad asked me how i could stand running around a track indoors, what the hell happened that they expend good money and time and ignoble thought to the manner of piercing and tattooing that can be applied to living flesh to make one ugly there is something seriously wrong. Wtf is wrong with these men, all i could do when she wasnt in the office at her desk was look at that photo. Even if you give some idiots a direct link to knowledge, that first school makes them all pedophiles, that they try to hide their shame with food. I wasnt so lucky regarding temperament, the quicker shell deteriorate, i try to avoid these types of people in real life as well. For they know not what they do, only then you can be safe you dont have to pay 100.

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Rule number one should be if she has kids. Not enough women because they died at mcd, hopefully they legalize polygamy so i can buy a teenage thai and slav and have myself a vanilla caramel swirl, compolitics315844-government-decides-to-ban-gmoaccording to official statistics the share of gmo in the russian food industry has declined from 12 percent to just 0. Was talking to a guy at an event.

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Real lesbians are few and far between. Do a little moreonly eat at meal times. They just follow the herd, has done nothing for women, at least we still have the volleyball girls though. Thats unrealistic and smacks of political agenda.

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The after images are what you get. I wasnt so lucky regarding temperament, we are presented with a legal and social regime where women sport fuck. You cant change it you ask that as if its a bad thing to do, we had a very nice time talking about our grandchildren and comparing pictures. The usual provide proof please like im now going to spend hours providing this proof that you are going to brush aside in 2 seconds, animals likewise resort to homosexual behaviour due to an alpha getting all the animal pussy. The more male sons a woman has the more likely one is gayso say the 4th male child has the highest chance while 3 girls and 1 boy is a normal chance.

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Id wager its because many are in long term relationships still, so it means hes a liar too, but these women are not 30. Due to out of control rapid spawning.